How having a divorce registry can you focus on the big picture

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If you and your spouse are separating and preparing for divorce, you’re probably watching your budget closely as you begin to determine just what your post-divorce financial picture is going to look like. That means curtailing spending as much as possible.

The problem is that as you and your spouse begin to live separately, you’re each probably claiming a lot of the stuff you’re used to having around. You likely haven’t worked out what to do with the larger assets yet. However, you may come home to find that your spouse has taken the coffeemaker, a few sets of sheets and your new end tables to their new place.

Maybe you’re the one moving, and you need to furnish a bedroom and play area for your child for the time they’ll be living with you. However, you don’t want to take their belongings from their other home.

This is where divorce registries come in. Not unlike wedding or baby registries, they let people select from a wide range of products to help them stock or restock their homes. Then friends and family can pitch in and buy those things for them.

Types of divorce registries

Some of these registries, like Divorcist, also let people ask for favors (like child care, dog walking, minor repairs and so forth) or just plain old cash. Others, like Fresh Starts, are geared more towards furnishing rooms and even entirely new homes. Many retailers also let people set up registries for any purpose – including divorce.

While registries are traditionally geared toward female consumers, divorce registries can be useful for anyone. They also give you a place to direct people who want to help and support you but aren’t sure how. Just as divorce parties have become increasingly common, divorce registries can help people celebrate this new phase of their lives with some new stuff.

A divorce registry should definitely not take the place of a fair property division agreement. It can, however, free you up to work with your legal team to keep the assets that you need to ensure a sound financial future rather than fighting your spouse over the kitchen gadgets and workout equipment.