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Securing Fair Custody And Support Orders

Child custody and support disputes are among the most contentious family law conflicts a parent may face. Problems arise when parents cannot find common ground on hot-button issues that include decision-making rights and visitation schedules. Working with a knowledgeable legal professional can help you resolve this matter and move on to the next stage of your life.

Since 1988, attorney Jeff Hicks has advocated for Georgia parents who want to remain in their child’s life after a family breakup. Whether you are a separated, divorced or unmarried parent, you can depend on Jeff to develop a legal strategy that helps you protect your parenting rights and promotes your child’s best interests.

Promoting Your Child’s Best Interests During Custody Disputes

Jeff understands that the stakes are high when parents are negotiating custody terms. He uses decades of family law experience to identify practical solutions that allow you to develop your relationship with your child.

In Georgia, neither parent can assume he or she will automatically receive sole custody. Mothers and fathers may be awarded either sole custody or joint custody. When you retain Jeff, he will present a strong case that helps you receive favorable custody terms.

Jeff regularly represents clients who are struggling with custody matters that include:

  • Dividing legal custody rights that allow parents to determine where their child will attend school, worship, be treated for medical issues, and other important issues.
  • Determining physical custody arrangements regarding weekly living arrangements, holiday schedules, visitation schedules with extended family members and other related matters.

As your advocate, Jeff will work to obtain a custody agreement through negotiating terms or mediating disputes, which allows you to retain control over the process and save money. Should this approach fail to produce results, however, he is ready to litigate on your behalf.

Representing Parents In Child Support Matters

Lawyer Jeff Hicks is also eminently qualified to represent parents in child support negotiations, modifications and enforcement actions. He has a deep understanding of Georgia’s child support formulas, which helps him negotiate for fair monthly payments. If your child has special needs that may not be covered by a standard monthly award, he will present compelling reasons for increasing your child’s financial order.

Begin Developing Your Strategy Today

Call 678-894-9097 or email Jeff to begin the conversation about your family law issue. Jeff’s office is in Lawrenceville, however, he represents clients throughout Georgia. Contact him today!