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Representing Parents In Relocation Matters

Your divorce may have severed your marriage bond. However, if you share children with your former spouse, you will need approval from your children’s parent or the court to relocate out of state. Modifying child custody orders to allow children to relocate is an intricate undertaking, especially when the noncustodial parent refuses this request.

Whether you are challenging or requesting a long-distance relocation, attorney Jeff Hicks has the legal skills you need to resolve this matter promptly. Jeff has successfully represented divorced and unmarried parents with a variety of complex family law issues that include child custody arrangements and modifications. He will aggressively advocate for your parenting rights and your children’s best interests throughout this legal matter.

What You Need To Know About Child Relocations In Georgia

Whether you are moving away to begin a new job, live closer to family or get a fresh start, you will need to provide 30 days’ notice to your children’s parent and any relatives with visitation rights. If your children’s parent does not approve of this move, you need to receive a court order to modify the terms of your custody agreement.

It is up to the court’s discretion to approve or reject a relocation petition. Before family court judges make their decision, they consider a range of factors that include:

  • The parent’s reason for the move
  • The effect the relocation will have on your children’s standard of living
  • The impact the move will have on your children’s relationship with the noncustodial parent
  • The economic impact the move will have on both parents
  • Your children’s stated preference

Working with lawyer Hicks improves the likelihood that the family court judge provides a favorable decision. Navigating Georgia’s custody modification process can be a complex task, but Jeff has the insight that you need to handle this matter as expeditiously as possible.

Learn More About This Process Today

It is critical that you follow Georgia’s custody laws and adhere to the terms of your custody order. Moving your children out of state without receiving the approval could create expensive legal headaches. Attorney Hicks will provide a thorough explanation of your options so that you can make an educated decision before you act.

Contact Jeff in Lawrenceville by calling 678-894-9097 or emailing him today. Jeff knows that your relocation questions are urgent. You can count on him to respond promptly to your messages.