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Georgia Domestic Independent Adoption Lawyer

Handling Domestic Independent Adoptions (Private Adoptions)

In most domestic independent adoptions, or private adoptions, adoptive parents have located a birth mother on their own without working directly with an agency. Because there is generally no agency involved in the process, it is important for you to work with an experienced adoption lawyer who can help you navigate the complex process.

Adoption attorney Sherriann H. Hicks can help you screen potential adoptive situations, answer your questions about the process and handle all the necessary legal paperwork required in this type of adoption. She has devoted her legal career to helping adoptions proceed as smoothly as possible for families and has advised countless adoptive parents through domestic independent adoptions, helping them welcome children into loving families.

Hiring An Adoption Attorney

Adoption is a wonderful option for growing your family. If you are considering adoption, you need to know that the laws governing the process are complicated. Sherriann’s practice is focused on adoptions. She will listen to you, and carefully advise you in a way that is helpful and easy to understand. She will handle the details so you can enjoy the process. Dedicated and hardworking, Sherriann is accessible and loves to communicate with her clients.

To help guide you through your domestic independent adoption, retain Sherriann’s services. As your lawyer, she will walk you through the process, help you formulate a plan regarding how the needs of each party will be met and prepare all legal documents so the adoption can proceed efficiently.

Guidance For Domestic Independent Adoptions

If you are considering a domestic independent adoption, speak with Sherriann by contacting her online or by calling 678-894-9097 or 888-578-2696.

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