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Advocating For Unwed Parents Seeking Child Support Or Parenting Rights

As a parent, it may seem that the childrearing challenges you face daily are neverending. If you are an unwed mother or father, you may struggle with additional financial and legal concerns that can make your life even more difficult.

Establishing paternity or legitimating your child may help you address these stressful matters so that you can focus on caring for your loved ones. If you live in Gwinnett County or the surrounding area, Jeff Hicks is qualified to assist you with these legal issues. For over two decades, he has helped his clients resolve complicated family law matters, allowing unmarried parents to move on to the next stage of their lives.

Establishing Paternity

In Georgia, both parents are required to financially support their children. Unwed mothers, the child or family members caring for the child must establish paternity before they can receive a child support order from the court.

If your child’s father did not sign the Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgment form when the child was born, you will need to establish paternity with a DNA test. Should the child’s father refuse to provide a DNA sample, Jeff Hicks can petition for a court order for these results. As a long-time resident and attorney in the area, Jeff knows how local courts operate, so he is able to resolve paternity issues efficiently.

Legitimating Your Child

Unmarried fathers who want to secure parenting rights need to successfully navigate the legitimation process before they can gain access to their children. If your name is not listed on your child’s birth certificate, providing a positive DNA test can help you establish paternity. The legal process does not end with this test result, however.

To receive visitation and decision-making rights, you need to legitimate your child. With Jeff’s assistance, you can be certain that you correctly complete all sections of the legitimation packet and file a petition with the appropriate court.

If the child’s mother refuses to allow you to see your child or have a say in how your child is raised, Jeff can represent you in court. He has successfully advocated for unmarried fathers involved in custody disputes.

Establishing paternity and legitimating a child are both sensitive legal issues. You can rely on lawyer Hicks to provide compassionate and skilled counsel during this trying time.

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