3 things to consider during an open adoption

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There are many types of adoptions that people can consider. One of these is an open adoption, which means that at least one member of the birth family and the adoptive family have contact with each other. The terms of these adoptions can vary greatly, so both parties must understand the specific agreement before committing to it.

While this may seem like a win-win situation, there are some considerations that you should contemplate if you’re thinking about this type of adoption. These three points aren’t a comprehensive list of the ins and outs of an open adoption, but they’re a good starting point.

An agreement should be in place

While it’s possible for birth parents and adoptive parents to work out terms and conditions for things like communication and visits without a written agreement, a contract offers protection for both parties. Open adoption contracts are legally binding with very few exceptions, so be sure you fully understand and agree with the terms – and have them reviewed – before signing.

Communication terms vary

Communication between birth and adoptive families can happen through various means. They may include in-person meetings, phone calls, emails or any other form of communication. Information exchanged can also vary, but may include photos, updates and anything else either party would like to share.

Thinking ahead

The key feature of open adoptions is that at least one member of a child’s birth family is able to remain a part of the child’s life. The wishes of the adoptive parents will primarily govern the behavior of the adults involved, so things like how the birth parents identify themselves to the child should be discussed beforehand.

Ensuring that your rights are protected during an open adoption is critical. Both parties must understand the terms of the adoption and be comfortable with them. Seeking legal guidance can help you to do what you feel is best for your circumstances.