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Adoption Of Stepchildren In Georgia

Stepparent adoptions occur when a biological parent has remarried and the stepparent seeks to become a legal parent to the spouse’s child. In this process, the stepparent takes over the legal rights of the biological parent.

Stepparent adoptions are common in Georgia. While they help make blended families whole, they are also done so that in the event the custodial parent becomes incapacitated or dies, the stepparent will have the legal right to raise the child. Without a stepparent adoption, the child would most likely be assigned to live with the biological parent who has not previously been a part of the child’s life.

A Leading Adoptions Attorney In The State

If you are a stepparent seeking to adopt your stepchildren, family law attorney Sherriann H. Hicks is prepared to be your adviser and guide through the process. She will meet every court deadline and avoid errors in the paperwork that can delay your adoption, and address any objections by the children’s other biological parent if they arise. With Ms. Hick’s assistance, your family will enjoy the legal and emotional bonds that adoption adds.

After marrying your spouse, you may be considering expanding that commitment to their children from a previous relationship. Besides giving you legal rights over your stepchildren, adoption can be a symbol of your love for them, and a promise that you will always be in their lives, no matter what happens.

Like most adoptions, the process usually is nonconfrontational and mostly involves filing paperwork with the court. Nevertheless, Georgia law sets out a strict procedure for adopting a child. With an experienced family law attorney’s help, you could make mistakes that delay your adoption or force you to start over. Thanks to our lawyer’s decades of experience, we remove the risk of error. You and your family will be able to focus on your lives together.

Trust Your Adoption To An Experienced Professional

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