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Adoption Of Adults Is Possible

If you are an adult who has not been raised by your biological parents or who wants to be adopted by someone other than your biological parents, Georgia family law attorney Sherriann H. Hicks can help. It is never too late to do an adoption. Sherriann understands the law and can help you through this process.

What Is Adult Adoption For?

Many people do not realize that adoption is not limited to minors. Besides being symbolically meaningful for many people, adoption of an adult can have important legal consequences in two situations: guaranteeing an inheritance and making sure a disabled adult will be cared for.

As an adoptive child, you would be among the first entitled to a share of your parent’s estate if they die intestate (that is, without a valid will). And if your parent does leave behind a valid will, being their legal next of kin gives you the right to defend against a possible will challenge.

A person with a lifelong developmental or physical disability may depend on someone other than their biological parents for financial and emotional support. Adoption can help you support an adult friend or relative with severe disabilities. For example, as their parent, you can make important decisions on their behalf and include them on your health insurance. And as mentioned above, adoption will strengthen your adult child’s position as your heir.

Finally, adoption of an adult can be a touching way to express the love and esteem you and the other person have for each other. It can confirm the parent-child relationship that you have developed together.

An Adoption Attorney Who Knows The Law

Every state, including Georgia, has its own adoption laws. Our lawyer keeps up to date on all changes in the law to make sure the courts will accept her clients’ adoptions.

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