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Compassionate Lawyer For Contested Adoptions

Usually, adopting a child is a joyful process. But when one of the child’s biological parents objects, adoption can become more like litigation. In that case, you need a family law attorney who is familiar with Georgia adoption laws and comfortable arguing your case at trial.

Family law attorney Sherriann H. Hicks is an experienced and talented litigator in contested adoption cases. She has practiced adoption law since 1995. As your lawyer, Ms. Hicks will guide you through your case with compassion and honesty, working step by step until your case is resolved. She represents clients looking to adopt a child, and those contesting an adoption.

Adoptive Vs. Biological Parents

If one or both of a child’s biological parents are still alive, they may have the right to contest a proposed adoption that would take away their parental rights. Often, this occurs when one of the child’s parents gets remarried, and the stepparent seeks to adopt the child.

Many times, the primary legal issue is whether the biological parent still has their parental rights, or if they have already surrendered those rights. The court could find that the biological parent has abandoned the child, and thus gave up their rights as the child’s parent. Abandonment in Georgia is the failure to be involved in the child’s life for at least one year without a justifiable reason. Or the court could find that the contesting parent is unfit for some reason, such as a history of abuse or ongoing drug addiction.

A contested divorce can be highly emotional for everyone involved. As your attorney, Sherriann Hicks will treat you and your family with compassion and respect. She will make sure the child’s best interests are served, and strongly argue your position in negotiations and, if necessary, at trial.

We Will Guide You Through This Serious Matter

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