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Guidance Through Relative Adoptions

When a child’s parents are unable to take care of them for whatever reason, other family members often step in. While many grandparents, aunts, uncles and older siblings have informally taken on the duty of raising a child in their family, both they and the child may benefit greatly from the legal and emotional benefits of adoption.

As a family law attorney focused on adoption and guardianships since 1995, Sherriann H. Hicks has guided thousands of families through the adoption process, including the adoption of minor relatives. She will explain every step of the process to you and handle all the paperwork to ensure a smooth and efficient transition. You and your child will be able to enjoy the legal protections adoption brings, as well as the resulting strengthened family bonds.

What To Expect In Adopting Your Relative

Every relative adoption situation is unique. If one or both of the child’s biological parents still have their parental rights, we will work to terminate those rights to clear the way for your adoption. In many cases, parents have abandoned the children, or are otherwise unfit due to a history of domestic abuse, drug addiction or untreated mental illness. Ms. Hicks will show that your adoption is in the child’s best interests, and will benefit their health, well-being and development.

Legal guardianship is another option that makes more sense for many families. For example, you may plan to take care of the children temporarily, until one of their parents is able to resume their responsibilities. Ms. Hicks will explain the differences between guardianship and adoption so you can decide which choice is best for yourself and the child or children involved.

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