All parties in a surrogacy benefit greatly from legal counsel

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Many people who yearn for the blessings of parenthood cannot conceive or bring a child into the world alone. They need cooperation from other parties, whether considering adoption or surrogacy.

You may expect to obtain representation for adoption matters. However, you will also benefit from guidance in surrogacy situations. These arrangements function best when all parties agree on critical issues and remain well-informed. Legal counsel for all involved is the safest and most efficient way to meet your goals.

Help with objectivity

Whether you are the gestational carrier (birth mother) or an intended parent, you will experience intense emotions during the pregnancy. Unfortunately, these feelings can complicate matters or lead to rash decisions. The objective point of view your counsel brings to the table can help you avoid emotion-related pitfalls.

Help with contracts

The agreement between the intended parents and a surrogate is a binding legal document. Representation ensures the contract protects your rights and those of the unborn child. Each party will benefit from obtaining individual counsel to safeguard their current and future rights.

Help with disputes

Imagine you are partway through the pregnancy and discover that you and the other party cannot agree on a critical issue. Instead of trying to exit the contract and start over, legal counsel can help you resolve the matter to the satisfaction of all, allowing you to forge ahead with your plans.

Help screening candidates

Those interested in surrogacy (intended parents and potential surrogates) need honest, reputable candidates to consider. Law firms and individual representatives focusing on surrogacy and adoption have built a network of well-established resources to help you find the ideal candidate.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the regulations and laws Georgia imposes when planning your surrogacy experience.