3 types of adoptions

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Birth parents who isn’t ready to raise a child may opt to pursue an adoption so a family who wants to expand can raise the child. One of the first decisions the birth parents will have to make is what type of adoption they want.

The type of adoption has to do with how much information is exchanged between the birth parents and adoptive parents. Communication after the baby is born is also part of this, as is the presence of the adoptive family before and during the baby’s birth.

#1: Open adoption

An open adoption means the birth parents and adoptive parents know each other. This is beneficial to the adoptive parents because they can get information from the birth parents about health matters and other points. The birth parents get to see the baby grow up. The child will likely be able to have contact with their birth family. In many open adoptions, the adoptive family is present for prenatal appointments and may be at the birth, but this depends on the comfort level of the birth mother.

#2: Closed adoption

In a closed adoption, there’s no contact between the birth parents and adoptive parents. It’s possible that neither side will know the other side’s identity. This limits the amount of information the adoptive parents can receive and doesn’t allow the birth family to watch the baby grow up. These adoptions are usually handled through the use of files that have all personal information masked.

#3: Semi-open adoption

Semi-open adoptions are a hybrid of open and closed adoptions. The birth parents may be able to get updates about the child through a third party or in very controlled circumstances. There may or may not be contact between the child and the birth family.

One of the best things birth parents can do is ensure they have everything covered in their adoption paperwork. Understanding what should happen after the birth of the baby and what you’re entitled to during your pregnancy can help to make the process a bit easier for you.