What happens if your ex does not comply with a co-parenting plan?

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Divorce causes a significant amount of tumult in a couple’s life. It’s especially tough on the kids, who have to adjust to a greatly altered situation at home than they are accustomed to. Making the transition as easy and stress-free as possible for them can be beneficial to all concerned.

Unfortunately, however, sometimes one former spouse does not hold up their end of the co-parenting plan that has been established. This can result in even more upheaval and confusion, not to mention adding to the instability in your children’s lives.

You need to tell yourself that someone else’s actions, including an ex-spouse’s, are wholly up to them, not you. Then, move forward and focus on creating a new and fulfilling life for yourself and the kids.

Try other means of communicating

Maybe face-to-face meetings or phone calls are not working for you when dealing with your ex regarding the kids. Instead, use technology to communicate about subjects like scheduling and expenses. That way, everything is clearly put in writing. Slip-ups, arguments or backtracking about promises on your ex’s end are less likely to occur.

What is your ex’s degree of obstinacy?

If you want to improve your ex’s attitude towards co-parenting, figure out exactly how stubborn they are being and about what. Are they not complying with the co-parenting plan whatsoever or are there certain sticking points that bother them?

If you can narrow down and identify the issues that are obstacles to them being an effective co-parent, chances are that you can address them and put them to rest.

Reach out for help if you need to

Persuading your ex to diligently and consistently follow the guidelines in your co-parenting plan may not be possible on your own. If necessary, ask for assistance from an experienced professional who can work with you to improve the situation.