How do you select a surrogate mother?

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After trying for an excessively long time to become pregnant, you and your spouse have decided that you need an alternative way to become parents. You may have chosen surrogacy over an adoption.

Before you decide on the woman who may be the surrogate mother of your child, you may want to meet and interview several candidates.

The definition of surrogacy

“Surrogacy” is the process where a woman has agreed to carry your child and deliver the child for you and your spouse. After the baby has been born, you may want to protect yourself through adoption.

Either you or your spouse may be related to your future baby. You may also decide that both of you want to be biologically related to the baby. If you have chosen this option, you and your spouse may use assisted reproductive technology. This involves using the egg and sperm of both of the parents. While the baby may be related to both of you, legally finalizing your parental role through adoption is necessary.

Interviewing and narrowing down your choice of a surrogate mother

You may need to consider several different factors about each of the candidates you are considering for surrogacy. These are their health, emotional stability, genetics and their support network.

Ask these questions of each one of the women you may be considering. You may want a surrogate whose view of surrogacy is close to your own vision.

Ask each candidate to fill out a questionnaire. Learning more about each surrogate may help you to make the best choice for you and your family.

Another option for parents unable to conceive

Surrogacy is one of the options you and your spouse may consider. While there are others, only one of them may be the best choice.