How much will it cost to use surrogacy to expand your family?

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Families in many different kinds of circumstances consider surrogacy. Surrogacy can help your family grow, but it is not without its costs. Some people are so frightened of what surrogacy might cost that they don’t bother fully investigating this viable option for expanding their family.

Surrogacy is generally more expensive than adoption, but it also means being able to be a part of your child’s life from their earliest moments. You can offer support to the surrogate mother to ensure a positive prenatal environment for the child. For many families, that benefit alone more than outweighs the extra expense involved in a surrogate birth when compared to adoption.

Georgia is one of many states that legally recognizes surrogacy. Learning a little bit more about how much the process usually costs can give you a better idea about whether surrogacy is right for your needs.

Costs vary depending on your specific needs

Some companies in Georgia offer surrogacy services for as low as $60,000, while other people pay well over $100,000. The general average cost is between $80,000 and $120,000. There are a number of factors that will influence the expense. Do you need sperm and eggs, or do you already have embryos? Will your surrogate require IVF treatments?

The more services you require, the higher the cost becomes. Even in scenarios where your expenses aren’t that high at first, medical complications could quickly increase what you pay. As the parents who will give a home to the new baby after its birth, you are usually responsible for medical expenses. If the surrogate helping your family develops preeclampsia, gestational diabetes or other medical complications, the cost of care might go up dramatically.

Financing is usually an option in surrogacy scenarios

Many of the companies that specialize in surrogacy services also partner with financial institutions to offer in-house financing options for their clients. That means that you don’t need to have $80,000 or more in liquid capital to make surrogacy a reality for your family.

Financing contracts are just one of many important legal documents that you will likely fill out if working with a surrogate to add another member and more love to your family.