Worried about your family member’s children? You can seek guardianship

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Child Custody |

You knew that your cousin was having trouble raising her children on her own, but you didn’t know how bad things had gotten. She lost her job, and the next time you saw her two children, they were dirty and looked malnourished. You were in shock, and after talking to her, you knew that you needed to help.

You’re not sure if she should be caring for her children, because after she lost her husband, it was like she lost herself, too. Her mental health didn’t seem well, so you decided to petition for custody. Is that allowed?

If you want to take custody of a family member’s child, you should speak with your attorney about doing so. Your cousin left her children in your care when she went home, but you don’t feel confident allowing them to return to her. She needs time to get herself stable, and you want to help by taking over her children’s care.

Your attorney will be able to help you get the rights you need to enroll the children in school and to get them medical care when they need it. 

This is a difficult situation, but it’s not one that you can’t overcome. With the right support, you can seek custody or seek guardianship over your cousin’s children and help them grow up in a stable environment.