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A Dedicated Legal Ally In Family Violence Cases

Emotions can escalate and tensions can skyrocket during a family dispute. When another party crosses the line and causes you to fear for your safety or the safety of your loved ones, it is time to get help.

In Georgia, there are legal steps that you can take to defend yourself against abusive actions or allegations of abuse. Whether you need to file a restraining order or defend against an accusation, attorney Jeff Hicks is ready to advocate for you. Jeff draws on decades of family law and courtroom experience when he represents clients struggling with this delicate matter.

Petitioning For Temporary Protective Orders

When you consult with Jeff at his Lawrenceville office, he will treat your legal concerns with the discretion and urgency they deserve. Having worked in Gwinnett County since 1998, Jeff is intimately familiar with the legal process you need to follow to secure a temporary protective order.

Attorney Hicks will help you obtain and submit a petition for an ex parte restraining order. Successfully petitioning for this order will allow you to receive court protection without notifying your abuser or participating in a hearing.

Should you require representation in a hearing, Jeff is qualified to present a strong case supporting your side.

Unraveling Allegations In The Midst Of A Divorce

During difficult family law disputes, it is not uncommon for parties to file false abuse claims as a negotiating tactic. When you share your side of the story with Jeff, he will not judge. He will listen to your account, using his legal skills to unravel allegations. As a skilled litigator, he knows how to present compelling arguments in court that support your side.

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