Tips For Summer Communication When Co-Parenting

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Child Custody |

Summer is a time for relaxation, fun and making treasured memories. For families navigating co-parenting, it’s also a crucial time to foster positive communication between your children and their other parent. Here are a few tips to help maintain and encourage this essential connection throughout the summer season.

Create a schedule for regular check-ins via phone or video calls. Having a consistent routine can help your children feel more at ease and provide a structure they can rely on. This could be a nightly phone call or a weekly video chat, depending on what suits your family best.

Promote open communication 

Encourage your children to share their experiences with their co-parent. They may have concerns, fun stories or simply want to chat about their day. This open dialogue nurtures their relationship and keeps both parents involved in their lives.

Take advantage of technology

You can find apps and platforms that can help facilitate communication. From Facetime to Skype or WhatsApp, these tools can bring co-parents and children together, regardless of distance. Sending regular updates about your children’s activities, along with photos or short videos, can make a co-parent feel more connected and involved. Whether it’s a snapshot of a day at the beach or a message about an achievement at summer camp, these shared moments can bridge the distance.

Model positive communication 

Your attitude toward your co-parent can significantly influence your children’s perception. Model respectful and positive communication to show them the value of maintaining good relationships. Remember, the purpose of co-parenting is to ensure your children’s wellbeing and happiness. 

Encouraging regular, healthy communication between your kids and their co-parent during the summer is a significant part of this journey. If you face challenges with this, turning to your parenting plan may provide you with options to help everyone involved.