3 Things To Know When Modifying Your Child Support Order

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Child Custody |

Child support ensures a child maintains the living standard they could have if their parents were living in the same home. Thus, the court takes this matter seriously. Nonetheless, you can modify a child support order if circumstances change.

This guide discusses three things to know when doing this:

Past due support may not be modified

If you lose your income, possibly you lost your job or moved to a low paying one, it’s crucial to request a child support modification sooner. Missing out on payments can work against you because even when the court grants your wish, it may not relieve you from past due support. You may need to pay them before starting to use the new order.

You will need evidence

The court may not modify your support payments because you said so. You may need to provide evidence to support your claim. If you lost your job, show the court your notice of termination. If you moved to a low-paying job, you can submit your pay stubs. Evidence that shows you are receiving a certain type of assistance may also help.

This may also be necessary when you want to increase your child support payments. You may need to show the court your pay stubs so they can be sure you can satisfy the new order.

It does not cover custody issues

Child support and child custody modifications are two different aspects. Modifying your child support won’t affect the existing custodial orders. If you want to modify your child custody when changing the support order, you will handle it separately.

If you want to modify your child support order, it could help to get legal guidance to approach the process with adequate information.