What is a quiet title action?

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Having third-party claims on your property can be concerning. First, there is a real possibility of losing the property to the claimants. In addition, it may be hard to transact with the property due to clouds on the title. A potential buyer will likely shy away after learning of issues with a property’s title.

In such a case, what are your options in dealing with or removing the outstanding claims to your property? A quiet title action may be just what you need.

How a quiet title action works

A quiet title is a court proceeding that seeks to ascertain property ownership. When you file an action to quiet title, it more or less asks anyone with an interest or claim in the property to come forward. When they do, the court will review and address every claim to the property.

In some cases, some claims to your property are baseless, while others may be valid. For instance, you may have outstanding liens or taxes that can be cleared upon making the necessary payments. A quiet title action can also help resolve claims arising from boundary disputes.

Other common reasons when a quiet title action may be necessary include clerical errors on a deed, unclear ownership of inherited property and mortgage lender disputes.

Understand the legal process of filing a quiet action title

If you wish to clear claims on your property and free your title of defects, you may want to consider getting the necessary assistance. There are certain legal procedures, requirements and timelines to adhere to before filing a quiet action title, and it is in your best interests to have the proper guidance. It will help you make the most out of your quiet title action and ensure you safeguard your interest along the way.