What makes a physical custody plan fair?

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You want to do what is right for your children, and that includes making sure they see you and the other parent regularly. You know that in the best-case scenario, your children would still feel that they have full access to both parents and have the financial support they need to grow up with everything they need.

To you, having a 50-50 custody split and being able to make decisions about your children’s wellbeing together would be the right choice. Your spouse isn’t on board with this, and they have been pushing for a different arrangement that would greatly limit your time with your children and take away some of the responsibilities associated with their care.

What makes a physical custody schedule reasonable?

Everyone’s situation is different, but a fair physical custody schedule is one that everyone is at least satisfied with in the short-term. It is one that your children can adhere to easily and that you and the other parent approve of.

You have to consider many factors when coming up with a physical custody schedule. For example, you may need to think about:

  • Your work schedule.
  • Your ex’s work schedule.
  • The times during which your children will be in school.
  • The need for daycare or babysitters to help with times when you or the other parent can’t be present.
  • Relocation issues.
  • What your children want, if they are old enough to make their opinions clear.

These and other factors may influence what feels “right” as a custody schedule for your children.

What if you don’t like the custody schedule that is being used currently?

If you don’t like the current custody schedule for some reason, it’s a good idea to keep notes and to collect evidence noting why it doesn’t work. For example, you may want to show that you’re seeing your children less than you thought you would or that they’re having a hard time with going back and forth. Then, you can approach the court with a custody modification request, which allows you to ask for a different schedule that you think would work better for everyone involved.