How do I strike an effective post-divorce parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Child Custody |

No matter the circumstances, divorce can be a difficult experience. Things get even thicker when a child is involved and neither party is ready to surrender the custody of the child to the other. 

However, both parents can reach a post-divorce parenting deal that serves in the best interest of their child. Here are a few tips that can help you negotiate a parenting plan that works:

Focus on the child’s best interest

You may have hard feelings toward your ex – and your ex may feel the same about you. However, it is important that you set your differences aside and work together towards creating a parenting plan that serves your child’s best interest. 

Do not accuse or badmouth each other

Blaming your ex or badmouthing them while negotiating the parenting plan, or even in the presence of your child, can backfire spectacularly on you – and nix any possible hope of working out a parenting plan without the court’s intervention. 

Be willing to cede some ground

Taking a hard-line stand while negotiating a parenting plan can be counterproductive. It is likely that not all your demands will be met by the other party, and vice versa. However, you are likely to strike a good deal if you are ready to give up something in exchange for another. After all, this is the whole essence of a fruitful negotiation. 

Child custody and parenting tend to be contentious issues during the divorce process. Find out how you can negotiate a good parenting plan with your ex. Working with an experienced guide can help you through the process.