3 divorce warnings signs that you shouldn’t ignore

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Every marriage goes through ups and downs, but many of them will recover from even the most difficult times. Sometimes, marital hardship can actually strengthen the relationship between spouses. 

Other times, conflict only deepens as time goes on, leading to a major breakdown of the marital relationship. Although all interpersonal relationships are different, any of the three warning signs below could be real cause for concern that your marriage could be approaching its end.

You fight all the time about the same things

Some couples have a naturally combative or playful relationship where they frequently have arguments, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if the two of you don’t have a naturally argumentative dynamic and you seem to constantly fight in recent months, that could be a sign of some growing disconnect. 

Especially if the arguments are about very important things, like infidelity, or very minor things, like whose turn it is to replace a burned-out light bulb, the constant conflict could be a sign of problems.

The two of you have completely stopped fighting

Sometimes, apathy and avoidance take over when a relationship hits a very low point. If the two of you no longer have intense emotional responses to one another, that could be a sign that you have started to disengage from each other and your relationship. Especially if you are silent toward each other or consistently avoid interacting with each other, the quiet between you could be as dangerous as another fight.

One of you has started actively hiding things from the other

Have you recently discovered that your spouse put a passcode on their phone or a lock on the garage so you can’t access devices or spaces you once could? Have they started filling your time with something they don’t want to involve you in and won’t explain to you? Not only could these secretive behaviors be indicative of infidelity or illegal conduct, but they could also be a warning sign that your spouse has started preparing for divorce. 

Identifying warning signs that your marriage is in trouble can help you start planning financially and emotionally for a potential divorce filing.