Can you advertise on social media to find a child to adopt?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Adoption |

Using adoption to grow your family can be a lengthy process, although the reward is undoubtedly worth the wait. Deciding to adopt is often the easiest part. Actually finding the right child to join your family can be much more difficult.

Prospective parents may find themselves struggling to meet an expectant mother who needs help or a child who needs a home. Many people turn to adoption agencies, but others try to get more creative. The newspaper and local television news broadcasts used to be a way for people to look for possible adoption opportunities, but the way people share information has changed drastically.

Some people have started using social media as a tool to let others know about their desire to add a new family member. Is it legal for adults in Georgia who want to adopt to advertise on social media?

Georgia recently changed its laws on adoption advertising

Georgia has long restricted the advertising options of those trying to sell adoption services. Specifically, agencies that market themselves as providers of adoption services need to have state licensing in order to do so. These laws once only applied to broadcast and print media, but state lawmakers expanded them to include digital advertisements and social media just a few years ago.

When they expanded these laws on adoption advertising, they made certain to exempt prospective parents from those laws. Provided that you are simply trying to reach people about your desire to adopt a child, you can freely post on social media or even pay to promote content in the hope of moving forward with an independent adoption in Georgia. It’s wise to seek guidance from an experienced attorney, regardless of what kind of adoption process you pursue