Can a quiet title action help with your real estate issues?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2021 | Real Estate Disputes |

Real estate is an investment — but you can’t (or shouldn’t) invest in a piece of property unless you have a clear title.

When there’s an issue that casts doubt on a property’s ownership, a quiet title action can help.

What’s a quiet title action?

Quiet title actions are a type of so-called “friendly” lawsuits because they usually are unopposed — although that’s not always the case. Essentially, a quiet title action is a formal request to have the court clarify the ownership rights over a piece of property and end any outstanding claims by parties known or unknown.

When is a quiet title action useful?

There are several situations that often give rise to quiet title actions, including:

  • You inherit property and discover that there were mistakes on the deed when it was recorded.
  • The property’s boundaries are uncertain and you’re trying to avoid disputes with the neighbors.
  • There are old easements on the land that limit the way that you can use it and you want to be rid of them.
  • The property was taken through adverse possession and you want to end all other claims and establish your legal ownership.
  • There are old mortgages or liens listed on the deed that are paid off but never cleared from the title.

A clear title is absolutely necessary when you want to sell your property, refinance it, take out a loan against it or build upon it, so don’t let a messy title sit around. Speak with an experienced real estate attorney here in Georgia about the best way to solidify your claim of ownership and move forward.