Relocating with kids after divorce? It’s possible but complicated

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Child Custody |

If you plan to relocate to a new state after divorce, but you have children, then it is important that you consider how you want to handle child custody. While it may be possible to move with your children, you will need to make a plan with the other parent unless they are no longer in the picture.

If you plan to move and want to take your children with you, the court will consider a variety of factors. Some of the factors they will consider include:

  • If the move is in the best interests of your children
  • How involved you were in your children’s lives
  • The stability of your relationship with your children
  • The amount of familial connection in the new location
  • How often your children will see the other parent

There are consequences for both parents when you decide to move out of state with your children and get approval. That’s why it’s so important to talk it through. Both parents, in a normal relationship, deserve to have time with their kids. Logistically, you may need to make time for special trips, vacations or times when the other parent and your children can see each other. Digital visitation, phone calls and other methods of communication should also be encouraged.

When the other parent agrees with you about the move, then you may not have to go to court to have the move approved. Your attorney can help you submit the right documents. However, if you can’t agree, then you may need to go to court and discuss your case to get approval. Your attorney can help you present your case.