Even minor boundary disputes are a big deal

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | Real Estate Disputes |

Homeowners in the Lawrenceville area who are on good terms might not care if their neighbor’s shed or garden slightly overlaps onto their property. It may seem like no big deal to them. However, these minor encroachments can cause major headaches down the road, especially if the properties are sold.

For example, if one person builds a fence that reaches into the boundary of their neighbor’s yard, even if it is just a few inches, a title company may decline to insure the home if they want to sell it. In addition, under state law, if one neighbor uses another neighbor’s property for a certain time period, they may gain the lawful right to use the land or even own the part of it they are using. This could lead to boundary disputes.

For these reasons, if your neighbor encroaches on your property, even if it is just slightly, it is important to bring the matter up to your neighbor as soon as possible. Oftentimes these are simply unintentional mistakes, and the neighbor will fix it.

But, if your neighbor is uncooperative, you may need to show them the deed to the property that outlines boundary lines or even have a surveyor come over and replace the property line markers. If, despite these efforts, your neighbor still will not stop encroaching on your property you may need to go to court to get an order forcing your neighbor to cease using your land while you pursue a trespass claim.

Good fences make good neighbors, but sometimes these fences, either intentionally or unintentionally, fall on the wrong boundary lines. Sometimes when a boundary dispute arises, neighbors can work together to fix it. Other times, it may be necessary to get the courts involved. Ultimately, it is important that one way or another a resolution is achieved, to avoid further problems down the road.