Selecting a guardian for your child in Georgia

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For whatever reason, you aren’t able to care for your child for a while. Now, you’re faced with what may just be the most difficult decision you’ll ever make — deciding who should be your child’s legal guardian. Should you choose a relative? Perhaps your mother, sister, brother, aunt, or uncle? Maybe a distant relative or a close friend of the family?

No matter who your options are to be the guardian, there are some factors you’ll want to consider before you make your final choice. For example, ask yourself these kinds of questions about each of the individuals you’re considering for the position:

  • How old is the guardian candidate? Do they likely have plenty of years left to raise your child through adolescence?
  • Where do they live? Is it a good neighborhood? Would you be close enough to visit?
  • Are they physically, emotionally and financially stable and healthy enough to raise your child properly?
  • What are their parenting skills like?
  • Do they share similar morals and values, such as religious or political beliefs, with you?
  • What are your priorities for the child’s future, like thoughts on the importance of education?
  • Would the person be parenting alone or with a significant other?
  • What would your child’s daily life look like in their household, thinking about factors like school, homework, athletics, chores and parenting time?
  • Are there other kids in the household, and would your child fit in?
  • Most importantly, would this guardian truly love your child?

The choice is far from easy, especially if you’re surrendering the custody of your child to the guardian. There’s a legal process to follow in Georgia, and you’ll want to ensure you follow all of the proper steps. Having an experienced and compassionate attorney beside you can help you through this complicated and emotional time in you and your child’s life.