How does a Georgia judge decide how to divide custody in divorce?

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Your children are probably among the people who are the most important to your life, and you likely can’t imagine your life without them. That won’t change even if you want to end your marriage with their other parent. It is perfectly natural to worry about how the courts will determine custody during your Georgia divorce.

The less you understand the legal system, the more nerve-wracking it may feel to have a stranger have  ultimate control over the relationship you have with your children. Despite the horror stories you may have heard from other people, the Georgia courts really try to do the right thing for the children in custody situations. 

The best interests of the children will be what matters most

The judge will look at your family situation and the needs of your children when making custody determinations. For most families, the judge will likely view shared custody as the best option, although there are situations in which a judge may award sole custody to one parent.

Sole custody determinations often occur in situations where only one parent asks for their parental rights. However, even if both parents want to share custody, if there is a documented history of abuse, addiction or other serious issues that would prevent a parent from providing care for the children, the courts may adjust the custody arrangements accordingly.

In joint custody scenarios, each parent will have a specific amount of parenting time. They will also have legal custody authority that gives them the right to make major decisions for the child, such as religious upbringing or education. You will likely need to find a way to work with your ex as co-parents after your divorce.