What are common grounds for divorce in Georgia?

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Ending a marriage is a difficult decision. You and your spouse may have tried the best that you can over the years, but you no longer wish to continue as a married couple. Divorce today is more commonplace and acceptable than ever.

If you’ve been a Georgia resident for six months or more, you can file for a divorce. A judge will eventually grant you a divorce on certain grounds. Grounds are like the reasons for dissolving the marriage.

Georgia has about a dozen different grounds for divorce, such as:

  •  Drug or alcohol addiction or excessive intoxication.
  •  Physical or mental abuse that threatens your life, limb, or health.
  •  You or your spouse had an affair.
  •  Willful desertion by you or your spouse for more than a year.
  •  Impotency was unbeknownst to you or your spouse at the time of your marriage.
  •  Either you or your spouse become incarcerated for certain offenses for two years or more.

Divorce isn’t one-size-fits-all

There are several additional grounds for divorce in Georgia. Just as you and your spouse are unique individuals, each divorce case is unique. What worked for or happened to someone in their divorce may not have the same effect for you

Because of the uniqueness of each case, it’s important to have a personalized approach. The grounds for divorce used when a judge grants your divorce may affect the property or compensation you’re entitled to. You want to take full advantage of your rights so that you can begin your post-divorce life with your best foot forward.