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Sheriann HicksWelcoming a child into your family is cause for celebration. If you are considering adoption, you need to know that the legal requirements can be difficult to understand, and many people consider the extensive documentation daunting. An adoption lawyer can explain the law, discuss your options and ensure your case is handled in compliance with complex adoption laws.

Attorney Sherriann H. Hicks, of The Hicks Law Group, focuses her legal career on adoption. Since 1995, she has been working to place children in loving adoptive families. She views adoption as a gift for all parties involved: giving children an opportunity to grow in a healthy environment, adoptive parents a chance to raise children and birth mothers peace of mind. Locally and nationally known for her experience in adoption-related matters, she can help you.

Sherriann's Comprehensive Adoption Services

Sherriann handles various types of adoption and adoption-related issues, including:

She also provides adoption forms for you to complete before your initial consultation. This allows Sherriann to be prepared to address your specific adoption needs in an efficient and knowledgeable manner.

With knowledge, zeal and commitment to her clients' cases, Sherriann represents adoptive parents, relatives, stepparents and foster parents seeking to expand their family through adoption. She also works with birth mothers looking to place their children for adoption, as well as individuals involved in paternity/legitimation and guardianship actions.

Sherriann takes her obligation to clients seriously. When you hire her to handle your case, she will take care of all legalities associated with the adoption so you can focus on the future.

Why Hire an Adoption Attorney?

If you are considering adoption, you need to know that adoption law is complex. It is very important for you to speak with an experienced attorney before you start the process. Sherriann understands the various adoption laws for states throughout the country. Evaluating your particular situation and any risks, she will provide an honest assessment of your circumstances.

As your lawyer, Sherriann will handle all the paperwork and represent you at any hearings. Guiding you through the legal process, she will help ensure that you follow proper procedures and avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

Contact Sherriann

Sherriann is committed to her clients. She will handle your case with the attention and detail that you deserve. She knows the law and will do her best for you. Emphasizing honesty, knowledge, accessibility and communication, she will make your case her top priority.

Schedule an appointment with Lawrenceville adoption attorney Sherriann by contacting her online or calling 678-894-9097 or 888-578-2696. Her office is located in downtown Lawrenceville, one block from the Gwinnett County Justice and Administration Center.

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